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Queen Availability




The dates to the left indicate the start of the week when the Queens are sent out from the Greek bee breeding station to the UK.
Following that is the number of Queens that are still available for ordering.
Dates and numbers may be added during the season. The quantities are only approximations and can change by the day during the season as events change, rationing, weather conditions, change of orders and cancellations, non-payment, etc. It is best to check the main web site as immediately any information is received from Greece it will be posted.
Do not makeup nucs or de-queen until notice is seen that Queens have been *mailed to
beekeepers in the UK. If rationing is mentioned you may not receive any Queens. For safety keep any frames of young bees and brood over a queen excluder ( but queen right) until the Queen is with you.

.* Note as of the end of May 2020 the mobile site will no longer be operational due to
the web host provider closing for business.

Demand is heavy in the Spring. An ideal time for using Queens is after the honey flow which
allows plenty of young bees to go into winter and a flying start the next season with no
delay. That Queen will still be good for at least two full seasons.
The Queens should be with the beekeeper 24 to 48 hours after they have been mailed from
The UK. Follow the UPS or DHL tracking number provided for a live confirmation of the shipment.

Payment can be sent by cheque or on request with PayPal or Bank Transfer. An E-Mail payment request invoice is sent which directs purchasers of Queen bees- Cage-Vaporizer-Nucs- CD & DVDs to the site which accepts online transactions in many forms. You do not have to be a PayPal member. If special guaranteed next day delivery is required for Queens, then £6.54 should be added to the cost. An E-Mail with the tracker number can be sent.
On request a PayPal payment email for between 1 to 2 queen bees can be sent (£1.00 per queen charge ), to allow online payment. Larger numbers of queen bees require cheque payment to avoid PayPal charges or, on request, Bank Transfer ( Act No and  Sort Code will be sent to you) so saving on PayPal charges. Queen bees will only be posted once payment has been received.

QUEENS Available
* BuckfastxCecropia* Apis mellifera Ligustica* Apis mellifera Carnica* Apis mellifera Caucasia* Apis mellifera Cecropia* Apis mellifera Macedonica * Apis mellifera Mellifera

2022    Prices and Availability*
* Queens can only be sent within Great Britain.
* Prices now include the additional costs of importing from the EU.

    April 11th                     33             
    April  18th                   41          
    April  25th                   46
   May   2nd                    75                      
   May   9th                     80                   
   May   16th                  80   
   May 23rd                       80 
  May 30th                     80             
   June    6th                    60   
   June 13th                     60  
  June   27th                  60   
 July 18th                    60   
August  1st                 40                                                                                      

            1-9             £39.95                                                      

         10-19            £39.45        

          20-49           £38.95 

         50-99            £38.45

        100+              £34.95       

All prices inc P&P and Marking Yellow and EU import costs
Last updated  Saturday,  August 28th, 2021
 Overwintered Nucleus 2022

Headed by a July 2021 mated BuckfastxCecropia queen.
Sent with ParcelForce in a correx box.
Depending on weather and build up - available from late March onwards.

4 National frames bees & brood  £185  inc P&P
3 National frames bees & brood  £165  inc P&P

 7 available to reseve as at 28/08/2021.

TO ORDER or reserve Queens and Nucs
Use the Order Form
at the top left of the page - with your details listed below.

Or simply COPY and PASTE the list below
adding your details.

* Your Name

* Full Address & Postcode To Send To

*  Preferred Date (s)

*  Phone Number

*  Preferred Races & Numbers
-  BuckfastxCecropia
-  Ligustica
-  Mellifera
-  Carnica
-  Caucasica
-  Cecropia
-  Macedonica

*  Indicate Preferred Payment Method
  - Credit Card / Debit Card - Using PayPal  - you do not
                          need to be a PayPal member to use.
Bank Transfer -
          Sort Code                  05-00-05
         Account Number       04602972 
         Account Name    JAMES CONNELL T/A  BICKERSTAFFS
Can be used with Credit & Debit cards- a payment link will be emailed.
Postal Order
Cash On Collection

*  Any Special Instructions

76 Buckingham Road
L31 7DP

Tel:  0151 5264532 

If a race other than the BuckfastxCecropia cross is required please order at least ten days
Should the weather be poor when the packet arrives simply place the cage in a dark place at
room temperature 60-70f day and night Do not spray them or allow the bees to become wet,
only give a small smear of water from the fingertips if the weather is hot? Replace candy if
need be and tease out any dead attendants through the hinged side hole. In an emergency add
your own YOUNG NURSE bees(tending open brood)to care for the queen.
On introduction, the traveling cage can be used but your own Butler cage/ hair roller/mini
nuc/ BICKERSTAFFE cage etc is better. Remove ALL attendant workers- introduce to young bees
if possible. If no honey is coming in...feed.
Wasps are a great danger to a mild tempered bee. Place traps off fermenting fruit out from
early July on and put entrance blocks in before the flow is over. If you suspect robbing move
the hive to a shady spot and keep bees confined for a week during the introduction.
Varroa, Acarine & Nosema are endemic - control. 
Leave at least a week if you check for acceptance, which should be at dusk, and use a sugar
spray on the bees (rather than smoke) taking care she is not balled. If all is well leave the bees alone until the queen is surrounded by her own progeny. Disturbing too soon after the introduction can leave to balling of the queen or supersedure.
You can send an e-mail with the dates you wish if the numbers on the left-hand side
indicate available Queens, or use the phone, post or order form link on the left-hand side.
By post simply make cheque payment to BICKERSTAFFS along with any special delivery
instructions required dates, numbers, and race of Queens.


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